25 Perfect Instant Pot Gift Ideas for 2022

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We all know someone with an Instant Pot in their kitchen. You might even know someone who has more than one. They said it was a craze and it would eventually pass, but here we are 10 years on and there are ever increasing numbers of home cooks who swear by their Instant Pot.

These Instant Pot gift ideas will be appreciated and liked by any Instant Pot user. In fact, most Instant Pot users don’t have a lot of accessories for their pot, so you’ll also be making their life a bit easier too.

Instant Pot pots

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I didn’t realize how much the Instant Pot could enhance my cooking until I added extra accessories to its capabilities. You can cook multiple foods at the same time with pot-in-pot cooking, you can steam vegetables with a steamer basket, or hard boil eggs with an egg tray. The possibilities are immense.

Best Instant Pot Gift Ideas for an Instant Pot Lover

Below are 25 of my favorite accessories, attachments, and accompaniments for the Instant Pot that anyone who cooks with an Instant Pot will love. But first lets start with the Instant Pot itself, which can be a great gift for someone how doesn’t have one yet or wants another one.

Buy An Instant Pot

All-In Instant Pot Kit

Now that you’ve seen all the Instant Pot can do, you’re probably wanting to get most of these accessories. In that case, an all-in Instant Pot kit is probably the most economical way to go.

A kit, like this 27-piece set, will get you just about everything you will ever need to make whatever you want in the Instant Pot. It includes steamer baskets, a springform pan, a steamer rack, egg rack, egg cutter, egg ring, egg whisk, egg bites mold, dish plate clip, spatula, kitchen tong, silicone pad, scrubber, and oven mitts, magnetic sheets and a recipe book.

All of those sold separately would cost 4 or 5 times what this set costs. If you know someone who just bought an Instant Pot, this makes a really great gift.

Instant Pot Duo Crisp

The Duo Crisp is a newer Instant Pot that was added to the lineup in order to combine both and Instant Pot and an Air Fryer in one. There are 11 functions that this Instant Pot can do: Air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, pressure cook, slow cook, rice cooker, yogurt maker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker, sterilizer and food warmer.

The included air fryer lid delivers all the crunch and tenderness of deep-frying with 95% less oil. The pressure cooker allows you to cook delicious one-pot meals up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods, or slow cook your favorite traditional recipes.

Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

You can turn your instant pot into an air fryer with this air fryer lid. I love this option to unlock a whole new set of cooking techniques that allow you to crisp food right in your Instant Pot, which is really convenient if you don’t want to get a separate air fryer.

It comes with a few extra accessories of its own to make the cooking process easier: a fryer basket with stand, a metal plate to cook 2 foods at once, and a safety lid for the air fryer to sit on. 

Be aware that this air fryer lid does not have pressure cooker functionality on its own. It’s a separate device that replaces the pressure cooker lid. It is compatible with the Duo, Duo Plus and others. But it is not compatible with the following models: Smart Wi-Fi 60, Smart Bluetooth, Duo Evo Plus 6, Duo Evo Plus 60, Duo SV 60 or Max 60.

Silicon Egg Mold and Muffin Pan

We are always using these egg molds or muffin molds to make things like Instant Pot mini brownies or pancake bites. There are dozens of uses for these molds, if you think about it. And you can stack up to 4 in the Instant Pot, so you can make large batches of things all at once.

Make the traditional egg bites in many different varieties, or use it to make meatloaf bites, all kinds of different muffins. There are two sizes of these molds that you can buy – a 21cm or 18cm. Both will fit inside the 6-quart Instant Pot, but the 21cm one goes right up to the edge, so you might want to get the 18cm one for a 6-quart and 21cm for 8-quart.

Cordless Variable Speed Hand Blender

A cordless immersion blender is a great tool to have with an Instant Pot because it allows you to blend soups and purees inside the pot, without having to transfer it to a blender or food processor to blend it up.

This is a rechargeable cordless one pictured above, which I prefer for convenience. You can just pick it up and use it wherever your Instant Pot happens to be, without having to worry about the plugs.

Instant Pot Silicone Cover

A silicon lid allows you to store any left overs you have in the inner pot, so you don’t have to find another container that’s big enough to transfer the food to for storage. This comes in handy for things like bone both or large pots of soup.

The silicon lid creates an airtight, spill proof and watertight seal on the instant pot stainless steel inner pot. It’s BPA free and dishwasher safe, and it fits a variety of 5 & 6 quart Instant Pots.

Instant Pot Ceramic Inner Cooking Pot

I can’t express enough how nice it is to have two inner pots. Having an extra will allow you to cook two parts of a meal without transferring and cleaning the original pot after the first step. I use this for things like Meatballs & Mashed Potatoes and Orange Chicken with Rice. You can cook the Main dish in one pot, then replace it with a second to steam the rice.

If you’re going to get a second inner pot, I recommend a ceramic non-stick version to compliment the stainless steel version. This 6-quart version has a ceramic non-stick interior coating, and is plastic, PTFE, and PFOA free. It can also be transferred to the oven up to fairly high temps, so you can keep the food in it warm while cooking in the second pot.

Steamer Basket

For steaming vegetables, a steamer basket is ideal. It will keep the veggies off the bottom of the pan and out of the water, so they don’t become water logged during cooking.

Make sure you look for a steamer basket that is stainless steel, so it doesn’t rust, and that has a silicon handle. The handle is necessary to be able to easy remove the basket from the hot Instant Pot.

Aside from veggies, you can steam just about anything in this basket. Use it to steam eggs, potatoes, tamales, and artichokes. 

Another great use for this steamer basket is when you’re making bone broth. Instead of putting the bones, roasted veggies and herbs directly into the water, you can add them to the steamer basket. When the broth is done, all you have to do is lift out the basket to remove the bones.

Springform Pan

You can really turn your Instant Pot into an all-encompassing kitchen machine with a springform pan. You can bake cakes, cheesecake, brownies. You can also use it to bake casseroles and dishes like macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, or lasagna.

All you have to do to use a springform pan in your Instant Pot is add the necessary water and place the pan with your cake or casserole on the trivet inside the pot.

This official Instant Pot springform pan is 7 1/2″ and fits inside a 6qt pot. You can even stack them on top of each other in the pot to make 2 at a time.

Mini Loaf Pans

You may not realize, you can actually bake banana bread in your Instant Pot in a mini loaf pan. This set of 2 official Instant Pot mini loaf pans fit perfectly side by side in a 6 quart machine. You can use them to make meatloaf, casseroles, bread… just use your imagination.

Since there are two of them, you can maximize your efforts and make two things at once, like meatloaf and mashed potatoes, or banana bread and zucchini bread.

Glass Lid

So I was making chicken noodle soup with dumplings in my Instant Pot a few weeks ago and I realized I wasn’t properly equipped to make the dumplings in the soup, like I usually do on the stove top, because I didn’t have a glass lid to cover the pot with while the dumplings cooked.

Having a glass lid will enable you to use the Instant Pot like a slow cooker. It’s great for when you need to boil something, using the Saute mode, with the lid on, but not under pressure. It’s also really great for holding in the heat when you’re not quite ready to take the food out of the pot yet. 

Instant Pot Pro Plus

Now you can control your pot wirelessly through an app. Cool-touch handles on the pot itself, and an automatic locking pressure release valve for greater safety. This one does it all.

Mini Silicon Mitts

Ever tried to lift a hot Instant Pot from the machine? I was always using a kitchen towel to lift the pot out, without getting the towel in the food. Such a pain!

Instead of burning yourself removing pots and trivets, you can use these mini silicon mitts. They fit easily on the tips of your fingers so you can easily lift hot things. 

These are made from food grade silicone and meet FDA food safety standards. If you’re worried about space in a small kitchen, they nest together for storage.

Silicon Cupcake Liners

In the spirit of trying to make the Instant Pot a one-stop machine for the kitchen, you will need these silicon cupcake liners. They are great for making poached eggs (in bulk, if you have enough of them), as well as cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, egg muffins, mini meatloaves, etc.

I realize you won’t always be using the Instant Pot to bake things, so that’s why these silicon cupcake liners are the best to have. They can also be used in the oven or microwave. They’re super easy to clean and are naturally non-stick.

Stackable Steamer Insert Pans

Using stacking containers allows you to cook different foods in separate containers. If you’re making a complete dinner, you will be able to cook all the components at the same time, rather than one at a time.

This is super useful for dishes like:

  • Beef and broccoli
  • Fish and green beans
  • Chicken and stuffing

You can also cook foods in these stackable containers that you wouldn’t be able to put directly into the bottom of the pot because they don’t contain enough liquid.

Use stackable containers to cook these dishes:

  • Lasagna
  • Cheesecake
  • Creme Brulee
  • Fish
  • Cornbread
  • Stuffing

Extra Silicone Rings

The sealing rings tend to hold onto the smells of previously cooked dishes. For this reason, it’s wise to use one ring for savory dishes and one ring for sweet dishes.

For this purpose, I like this set of 3 rings that come in different colors. I use one for savory dishes, one for sweet dishes, and one for yogurt. They never get mixed up because they’re color coded. Make sure you get the right size for your machine.

I also like to have a few extra rings on hand just in case one goes bad. They do need to be replaced over time, and if one stops working when you’re preparing to cook something, you can recover quickly if you have an extra on hand.

Silicone Egg Rack

If you eat boiled eggs often, a silicone egg rack will produce easy-to-shell, perfectly cooked soft or hard boiled eggs. The OXO Silicon Egg Rack holds up to 9 eggs upright, so they cook evenly and there’s no chance of them breaking.

To cook eggs on this rack, all you have to do is add one cup of hot water to the pot, place the rack inside the pot, add the eggs, and cook anywhere from 2 minutes for runny yolk soft eggs, to 5 minutes for hard boiled eggs with manual pressure release immediate after time is up.

If you’re regularly making a lot of eggs, you can even stack these racks on top of the eggs below to create two levels.

Instant Pot Official Round Cook/Bake Pan with Lid

To cook a small meal for 1 or 2 people in the Instant Pot is very difficult, because there’s so much space in the inner pot, but this bake pan with dividers makes it very easy to cook or reheat multiple items for a complete meal, all at the same time.

It’s best use case is for a meat, like chicken, potato, and dessert. You can put these three elements into the various sections of the pan and cook them for 10 minutes in the Instant Pot and they’ll all be cooked perfectly at the same time.

Steam Release Diverter

This steam release diverter is a great way to prevent burns from the pressure release valve. You place this device over the top of the valve and it diverts the hot steam out the side, so it doesn’t shoot straight up and spray hot water everywhere. It helps protect you and your arms from burns.

Porcelain Oven-Safe Ramekins

There is some controversy over whether or not you can use oven-safe glass dishes in the Instant Pot. The glass needs to be tempered properly so that it doesn’t shatter under pressure. That’s definitely a concern you should take seriously. That being said, I’ve used porcelain oven-safe ramekins dozens of times in my Instant Pot and have never had a problem. Use at your own risk.

You can use ramekins to make creme brulee or flan in your Instant Pot. You can also use them to make small amounts of things at the same time as another dish in the Instant Pot, like corn bread. You can also make mini lasagnas and cook them all at the same time in ramekins, though you’ll need 12 oz ramekins for that

1.5 Quart Stainless Steel Bowl

A stainless steel bowl that fits inside the Instant Pot can be used to do the pot-in-pot cooking method, that allows you to cook more than one thing at a time (like chicken and rice). It’s also useful for cooking foods that you don’t want to immerse in water, like a casserole, stuffing, or mashed potatoes.

Instant Pot Yogurt Cups and Pressure Sterilization Rack

The Instant Pot makes yogurt! You can make it directly in the pot and then transfer it to cups, if you want. Or you can use this yogurt cup set to make and store the yogurt.

The Instant Pot yogurt set can make five 5-ounce cups of yogurt. So you have 5 little cups that you can store it in when you need to move it to the refrigerator. The rack can also hold five 9-ounce baby bottles and you can use it to sterilize the bottles in the Instant Pot to kill any bacteria. 

Instant Pot Official Stainless Steel Baking Cups

These are the official Instant Pot stainless steel baking cups that were designed specifically to be used in the Instant Pot. If you want to bake things like crème brulee or little cakes in the Instant Pot but don’t want to use glass containers, these are great for that.

The Simple Comforts Step-by-Step Instant Pot Cookbook

This cookbook was written by Jeffrey Eisner who has somewhat of a cult following in the Instant Pot world. While I like to keep people coming back to our recipes on this site, sometimes it’s nice to have a cookbook at hand for finding new recipes.

Why Use An Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot is one of the most useful kitchen appliances you can buy, because it drastically cuts down on the cooking time for developing flavors in soups and stews, getting tough cuts of meat tender, and even baking a cheesecake. And there are many accessories that will help you get more out of your Instant Pot.

If you don’t have one yet, check out our guide on which one to buy. Also see our guide to How to Use an Instant Pot for more information.


Owning an Instant Pot is just the beginning. Learning to use it as a pro is the next step. Using these extra accessories for your Instant Pot will help you get the greatest benefit out of this amazing appliance.

Share your favorite accessories with us in the comments sections. We want to know what you’re finding the most useful.

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