6 Must-Know Instant Pot Tips For Beginners 


Instant Pot Tips, Tricks & Hacks to Make Cooking Even Easier

I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my Instant Pot now that I’ve been cooking with it for over 10 years. I’d probably feel like one arm was missing. It’s useful in so many ways that I couldn’t have imagined when I bought it.

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1. Cut pressurizing time down by using warm liquids instead of cold. You can chop off 5-10 minutes this way.

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2. Follow the 5-5-5 method to cook perfect hard-boiled eggs. Place the eggs on the trivet in the Pot with 2 cups water and cook for 5 minutes. Let pressure release for 5 minutes, then put eggs in an ice bath for 5 minutes. 

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3. Placing the lid on the countertop is annoying right? It leaves a water stain on your countertop. That’s why it’s great that the Instant Pot handles also function as a lid holder. 

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4. Most parts of your Instant Pot are dishwasher safe. Yeah, even the lid. Just pop the lid in your dishwasher and it will be sparkly clean.

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5. Instant Pots can do so many things, especially when you accessorize them. Some very useful accessories are springform pans, steamer baskets, and stackable racks.  

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6. If your Instant Pot smells of foods you cooked previously, do a quick steam clean. Just add water and lemon or vinegar and pressure cook for 5 minutes.

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