Comfort Food At It's Best: Instant Pot Roasts

A Pressure Cooker Kitchen Laura Lynch

The Instant Pot makes it easy to prepare a tasty, tender roast in a short amount of time .For a delicious meal the whole family can enjoy, add a side dish, like Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes.

Instant Pot Pork Roast

This pork roast recipe is a simple way to cook a roast that is flavorful and tender in a fraction of the time.  

Instant Pot Rack of Lamb

This lamb is seasoned with numerous spices and cooked to perfection to make a flavorful and tender cut of meat.

Instant Pot Turkey Breast

This Instant Pot Turkey Breast comes out perfectly moist and delicious in just 35 minutes. 

Instant Pot Brisket Recipe

This Instant Pot Brisket recipe makes tender beef brisket that’s full of smoky, rich flavor that rivals the low and slow BBQ pit taste we all love.

Instant Pot Venison Roast

Instant Pot Venison Roast with potatoes is a perfect recipe for your Sunday roast or holiday dinner.

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